BT Openreach Blueprint Programme

BT Openreach Blueprint Programme

Openreach have recently confirmed the establishment of a new programme to be led by Bob Downes.

The Blueprint Programme will run across the Volume, Complex and Service transformation programmes and will look at issues including:

• How Openreach realise customer demand more quickly
• Re-skilling and up-skilling Openreach people
• A wide range of issues for first line managers including job do-ability
• Career development for all
• The quality of the Openreach working environment, tools and equipment
• The quality of information from customers through to engineers
• Learning how to manage change

Prospect welcomes the development of this programme and has written to Clive Gunby, Openreach Employee Relations and Internal Communications Director, seeking an early meeting to discuss the objectives, remit and timeline of this programme with Bob Downes and his team. You can view the letter by clicking on the icon to the right of this page.

As you know Prospect has been stating for a long period of time that the current role of first line managers in Openreach requires a greater focus and understanding of its aims and composition in order to resolve a number of concerns.

Your Prospect Openreach Industrial Relations Committee is concerned about the do-ability of this role (the ability to carry out the role within contractual hours), the continued increase in responsibilities, the real concerns about performance management (both as experienced by our members and as our members are expected to deliver it) and the implications for the health and well-being of Prospect members.

The development of the Blueprint Programme provides an opportunity to focus on, and resolve, these significant issues. Prospect will continue to work with Openreach in order to deal with members concerns and help to build a successful future for Openreach and its employees.