Changes in BT Business

Changes in BT Business

Members will be aware that BT Business (BTB) has announced that it will be making changes.

The business believes that it needs to do so to improve the short term outlook and put itself in a good position for 2010/11 and beyond.

We have been advised that as part of the reorganisation some roles will change, some will cease and there will be a reduced need for others. These changes will take place as part of BTB's desire to reduce costs and to concentrate on particular commercial activities.

Prospect has met with the business to discuss the context in which the changes are taking place. We will continue to do so as plans for specific units are put into effect. We expect areas directly affected to be explaining the reasons and impact of changes to individuals from early next week.

We have asked the business to maintain a clear set of principles for use across BTB, to ensure that any reorganisation is managed properly. We have stressed the preference to minimise the impact and maximise the options for members wherever possible. We will be looking for decent and justifiable selection processes when there is a reduced need for certain roles, good access and vigorous effort in identifying redeployment opportunities for individuals where their roles have ceased, and for other voluntary options to be considered where there is a need to lose posts.

The business has committed to working with us to make changes as fair, transparent and efficient as possible. Although the timelines are short we will work constructively on behalf of members to ensure that happens.

Members should take every opportunity to raise specific concerns within their unit. While this will be a difficult time we expect BTB to respond to concerns in a timely and professional manner.

If you have particular concerns please contact our Helpdesk on 020 8971 6060 or email [email protected] and we will be happy to respond on a confidential basis.