BT Fleet Business Review

BT Fleet Business Review

BT Fleet has discussed with Prospect the consequences of its recent business review, which have recently been explained to all employees.

This will lead to further reductions in staffing at all levels within the organisation, including amongst our membership. Confirmation that relocating the HQ to Coventry will save costs that would otherwise put further pressure on staffing levels is welcome. However we are aware that for a number of members there may be an increase in travel to and from work.

BT Fleet is aware of the concerns following last year's rationalisation and has provided us with an assurance that a voluntary approach is adopted where possible. As with last year we will be working closely with Fleet HR through its preference exercise, to ensure that everybody affected has the best opportunity to maintain a productive career path, and we will support those few members displaced through BT's redeployment processes.

Prospect would be grateful for any feedback from members about the Company's approach to help us represent them effectively over the coming weeks. Please send your comments to Sarah Powell.

We will continue to keep members updated