Migration of the UK Lan/Wan and I&I Services

Migration of the UK Lan/Wan and I&I Services

Consultation has now started between BT, Prospect and the CWU regarding the migration of the UK LAN/WAN and I&I Services.

We held our first conference call yesterday and have started to set out a framework for our discussions going forward.

Some time has passed since Barclays notified BT about the intention to terminate these services, and we recognise that this can cause uncertainty and anxiety while people wait to understand what this means for them.

Clearly things are now moving on and there ought to be clarification around a number of issues in coming weeks, and members will be able to understand how they are going to be affected by this migration.

As part of this contract is going in-house to Barclays, and part of the work is to be undertaken by Cable and Wireless, this is likely to be a complicated set of discussions, involving two different employers at the same time. This is not a unique situation and Prospect has had plenty of experience in these kinds of situations. We hope to be able to answer any questions our members might have along the way, and ensure that any concerns you have are raised.

BT has been working to establish exactly how TUPE might apply, and what the in-scope population looks like. In short we will end up with people in three groups:

1) Those that transfer to Barclays

2) Those that transfer to Cable and Wireless

3) Those that are out of scope and remain with BT

This is completely dependent on the role that you do, how much time you spend on work that is defined as "in scope" and the principle purpose of your role.

It therefore follows that when BT shares this information with you, there ought to be a clear rationale and understanding about why you've been identified into a particular category.

This is the first important piece of work, and we're advising members to pay close attention to this now as it's the kind of debate that is best had sooner rather than later. If you do not agree with how you've been categorised, you'll need to evidence that and challenge it with your Line Manager and HR as early as possible. If you want to talk that through with the union in advance of doing so, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Once this work is completed, our discussions are likely to focus on terms and conditions, and how these will apply in the new employer (for those in scope to TUPE transfer).

The TUPE regulations give protection to your contractual terms and conditions of employment, but our discussions are likely to be wider than this, capturing all aspects of your terms and conditions and understanding how these will apply in either Barclays or Cable and Wireless. This is a detailed piece of work and we'll want to be in touch with our members during this process.

If you have any particular concerns or issues you want to flag to us now, please feel free to do so.

We will continue to update members as the negotiations start in earnest. Your Prospect Team for these negotiations consists of Paul Crosby (from the Global Services Industrial Relations Committee) and Sarah Ward, National Officer.

Please direct any questions via the Prospect Helpdesk on 020 8971 6060 or [email protected]