BT Retail - Update from Prospect

BT Retail - Update from Prospect

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Customer Service - My Order Planning, MIS and Analysis Reorganisation

Prospect has been informed that My Order is restructuring its Planning, MIS and Analysis teams. This will be completed during August.

We understand that some posts will be 100% skills matches, so the individuals currently in those posts will not be directly affected by changes. However there are also roles considered as being in scope for changes, and a selection process will be used to fill those posts. BT has assured Prospect and those in scope that the selection process will be a fair one. We have asked that consideration is given to extending that process given that we are in a holiday period to enable all to have a reasonable opportunity.

Where individuals aren't successful in being placed in post in the reorganised unit, then Retail has confirmed that they will look to place them in suitable alternative roles or make pre-deployees. We have asked the company to explain how they see the latter working.

If you have been affected by this reorganisation and would like to discus, then please get in touch with your union at [email protected]. We continue to represent members views in consultation with the business, and this is very much in line with the regular dialogue we have as the business looks to reorganise within units.

Knowledge Management Organisational Review

BT Retail has written to inform us that they are reviewing operating models, processes and structures as part of delivering a converged Knowledge Management (KM) team for Customer Service, Consumer Sales and also The new organisation will sit within Customer Service.

Your Industrial Relations Committee (IRC) will be meeting the company later this week for consultation on this, and would welcome queries and comments from members prior to this Thursday, to ensure that both we and BT get the best from the meeting. We will be looking particularly at how the business sees KM operating after any changes, and how the business will assess and support individuals in playing their part.

If you have concerns then please get in touch with us on 020 8971 6000 or email [email protected]

Prospect Retail visits

Over the last few months your IRC has visited a number of sites to meet members working in BT Retail. It is really useful to the union, and we hope to members, to do this and we will be continuing to do so once the holiday season dies down. We are looking to visit sites in Plymouth, Exeter, Canterbury, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Newport, Stoke, Bristol, Skelmersdale, Nottingham and Lincoln over the coming months to add to those that we have visited already. If you would like to sponsor a trip to your workplace or a call with your colleagues please get in touch with Lorraine Holt on 020 8971 6000, or email [email protected]

If you have colleagues who are not members please encourage them to join and tell them about the work that we do. They can join online at