BT Group Internal Audit - Service Improvement Plan

BT Group Internal Audit - Service Improvement Plan

Consultation has continued regarding the outcome of the Development Centres and the Service Improvement Plan.

The Internal Audit Conference looks like a great opportunity to bring it all together.

We are all aware that time scales have slipped and that has made a lot of members feel very uncomfortable. It is important that everybody is happy with their new role and so there does need to be individual consultation which has been delayed for many during the holiday period.

Whilst most people have been effectively "lifted and shifted", many have not because new roles have created organisational change. Nonetheless we are confident that very few members will be displaced, the overwhelming majority will find some really positive new roles, and those very few displaced will be supported to find roles elsewhere in BT. We see that as a very positive outcome bearing in mind the concerns raised by members when we started the consultation. Prospect will be here to provide additional support if called on.

Development plans for individuals and generic development plans are being worked on and we would encourage members to take advantage of the opportunities available to them as soon as possible.

There may be some residual concerns amongst members arising from the changes. There has been a very thorough review of Internal Audit operations. Always remember that in difficult times Prospect is here to help support members individually and through consultation.

Prospect is pleased with the way consutation has progressed in IAD. We have worked well with management representatives and we hope have added value to their thinking as they have done to ours.

Throughout this programme members have been well supported by Dennis Hurley and Bev Knowles. Dennis is now retiring after many years of service to BT and having been a strong union representative over the years. We are all indebted to him for his work and Prospect wishes him well in finding the time to engage in his own passions.

Fiona Macintyre has been good enough to respond to proposals that she succeeds Dennis in taking on the role of a Prospect representative alongside Bev.

We'd be grateful if you could confirm your support for Fiona by replying to this email.

Please pass this brief to those of your colleagues who are not in Prospect. The more representative we are the more effective we can be on your behalf.