BT Retail: Update on reorganisation of Design roles

BT Retail: Update on reorganisation of Design roles

Following discussions with members in BT Retail Learning and Development (L&D) Prospect met recently with Gail Hydon.

The meeting was constructive and the L&D were keen to explain the rationale behind the changes and to understand our members concerns.

We have received a letter from the business that provides further clarification on a number of the points raised that you can read by clicking on the link opposite.

The business has confirmed that it will not be introducing 'marked time pay' for people who move into one of the specialist roles. Had they done so it could have had the impact of locking salaries artificially and as such we welcome the assurance. Members who move into these roles will continue to have their salaries managed in line with their current terms and conditions and contracted grades, any changes to this arrangement will be subject to consultation with Prospect.

As we indicated in our earlier communication to members we asked where members did not wish to move to these roles that consideration could be given to seeking alternative roles. The letter confirms that on an individual basis the business would be prepared to discuss possible 'pre-deployment' into another role subject to availability and following an indication of preference for the new Design roles being offered.

While the reorganisation remains a work in progress there remains a number of issues outstanding, such as skills retention and bonus arrangements that the business has committed to addressing with Prospect and as such we will be looking to set up dates to meet L&D over the coming weeks.

We would welcome members' feedback on this as we continue our work. If you have an individual query that requires attention please also get in touch with us at [email protected].