private Fuel Benefit - Proposals from Ericsson Update

private Fuel Benefit - Proposals from Ericsson Update

Following on from our email to members earlier this week we have been in touch with Ericsson.

We now understand that a 12 week consultation period is due to take place with regards to the proposals to introduce a mileage manager and start charging for the private use of a fuel card in the MBNL area. As letters are due to be sent out shortly our advice to members remains to not sign change to contracts prior to the consultation process commencing.

Ericsson has confirmed that a meeting with Prospect will be arranged shortly on this matter. In the meantime we would welcome feedback on the proposals to aid the consultation process.

In the meantime if you are approached and feel pressured into accepting any contractual changes please stop the discussion and contact the union immediately on 020 8971 6000 or email [email protected]

Please note that we are only able to support members, if you have colleagues who have not yet joined Prospect please share this email with them and suggest they join by visiting