Internal Audit Service Improvement Plan - Update

Internal Audit Service Improvement Plan - Update

Members appear to feel more comfortable with the concept of a Development Centre rather than an Assessment Centre

There follows from this the concerns about available budget to fund both team and individual development and some have raised concerns about the independence of assessors who are part of Internal Audit. We will delve into these and other issues when we next meet Internal Audit.

In the meantime most of the messages have welcomed the way that IAD and Prospect are working together.

Thanks also to those who have encouraged your colleagues to join the union. This is very valuable as it ensures our voice is even more representative of those Professionals and Managers within Internal Audit.

Prospect Representation
We are pleased to announce that Beverley Knowles and Dennis Hurley have volunteered to undertake the representative roles on behalf of members in IAD. Dennis will be leaving the business after a long career in BT later on this Summer and with some experience of union work he is happy to help for a few months. This will give a further opportunity for others to come forward later and we are pleased that some others have shown interest.

We would be grateful if members could respond to this note to confirm they are happy for Beverley and Dennis to act as their representatives.