Prospect backs Scottish research merger

Prospect backs Scottish research merger

Prospect has welcomed plans to merge two of Scotland's leading research institutes.

Responding to the news, Chris Finnerty, Prospect’s lead officer for science and research in Scotland, said:

"Prospect members at both the Macaulay Land Use and Scottish Crop Research Institutes welcome this announcement, which puts an end to a lengthy period of uncertainty and lack of information.

“However we are disappointed that the opportunity was not taken to reassure employees that principles of the 'Fair Deal' protocol would apply, particularly with regard to the protection of pension rights.

“SCRI and Macaulay have a dedicated workforce with expertise in vital areas such as food security and environmental science, and a proven track record in working together successfully.

“We look forward to the opportunity of being fully involved with management and the Scottish Government in the creation of the new institute and are encouraged by assurances given by the First Minister last year that the exercise will be achieved without compulsory redundancies.”