Union welcomes commitment to build public trust

Union welcomes commitment to build public trust

Prospect has welcomed the formation of the Government Communication Network which is to succeed the Government Information and Communications Service.

As the union representing over 1,600 staff employed in government communications, Prospect commended the government on its commitment to:

  • put communications at the heart of policy development and delivery
  • make government communications a two-way flow of information with the public
  • give priority to the development of skills and the setting of rigorous standards
  • reaffirm that impartiality and neutrality underpin government communications
  • adopt an inclusive approach which will encompass all those working in communications across government
  • share learning and knowledge across government
  • make effective use of local media and communications.
Garry Graham, Prospect negotiations officer, said: "We welcome the setting up of the GCN and many of the proposals announced today which build upon our recommendations to the Phillis Review. Regaining the public’s trust in the communications they receive from government is vital to the political health of this country.

"The public expect not only to trust the communications they receive from government but also that communications should be a two-way process which can assist in policy development and delivery.

"But if ministers will the ends they must will the means. Effective communications cannot be achieved on the cheap. We know, for example, that local media are extremely effective in terms of public trust and confidence. This means additional resources need to be put into areas such as the Government News Network if ministers want to communicate effectively with those they serve."