A new vision for the civil service

A new vision for the civil service

Prospect will be launching its report ‘Intelligent Staff, Intelligent Government’, attacking the policies of all the main political parties towards the civil service, on September 1.

In the report the union representing 105,000 professional staff accuses the government of ‘dumbing down’ the civil service by the application of policies driven by cash savings instead of quality of service.

You are invited to attend the launch, which will be held at Prospect House, 75-79 York Road, London SE1 7AQ at 11am on Wednesday September 1, with a briefing from Paul Noon, General Secretary of Prospect.

The report precedes next month’s TUC in Brighton where a Prospect motion will condemn the government’s recent relocation and efficiency reviews, make the case for a new deal for public services and call for recognition for the role of professional and specialist civil servants.

Seven specialist civil servants will take part in a ‘Spot the Civil Servant’ identity parade to challenge the stereotypical image of civil servants. They will include: a forensic scientist, a Muslim prison chaplain, an experimental physicist, a mapping surveyor, a weights and measures manager, an insolvency examiner and a technical training co-ordinator.