Airport break-up must not be at staff expense

Airport break-up must not be at staff expense

Any measures introduced to increase competition between airports must not be at the expense of BAA’s staff, says Prospect.

On behalf of managerial, technical and support staff in BAA, Prospect negotiator Ben Middleton said:

"In common with other BAA unions, (Unite and PCS) Prospect are determined that any changes brought about as a consequence of the report must not be to the detriment of members, and that 'increased competition' as desired by the Competition Commission, must not equate to an attack on terms and conditions, pensions or job security.

“It is unfortunate that members will face continued uncertainty over their futures as we approach the busy summer period, most notably at Edinburgh and Glasgow where the report stipulates that one airport must be sold but not which one. This is unhelpful in maintaining good working relationships and an unwanted distraction at this time.”

Prospect will be seeking reassurances, both from BAA and any potential purchasers, that members' terms and conditions will be fully protected, including the provision of mirror-image pension schemes such as those already negotiated as a condition of sale in the case of Gatwick.

Middleton added: “We are also determined that any potential purchasers must have the necessary aviation experience together with a sound and secure financial position, to ensure that members can be confident about their future job security, terms and conditions."