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If you're a working member of Prospect and are about to leave employment on retirement, you can become a retired member.

Eligibility for retired membership

We don't recruit from amongst those already retired, and we generally expect working members to have transferred to retired membership within six months of their retirement date.

If a former working member does not notify Prospect of their retirement, or does not accept allocation to our retired members category, we will not accept a subsequent application for retired membership more than six months after retirement, other than in exceptional circumstances.

When a working member notifies Prospect of their retirement, we send them an explanation of our services and encourage them to continue their membership in the appropriate category. If you don't intend to take up any employment after retirement, we would allocate you to the appropriate Retired Members Group Area (RMGA). RMGAs are based upon home postcodes or the last address you notified to us.

Work-related advice and support

Retired members do not have access to any form of work-related advice, benefit or support if they take up new employment post-retirement. This includes legal assistance in respect of any personal injury matter arising from that subsequent employment.

To receive work-related advice and services relating to their new employment, retired members have to change their status back to working member; our membership department would allocate them to the appropriate regional or employer-based branch and adjust the subscription payments accordingly, taking account of any life membership payment already made.


The monthly subscription rate is low - £3.56 (£42.72 for a full year) – or, if you are age 55 or over, you can become a life member by paying a lump sum of £427.20.

To change your membership status, please contact our membership department on 0300 600 1878 and select option 1, or email

You can find more information in our retired members leaflet.


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