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Insure your career!

Here is your opportunity to join hundreds of other BT managers in the North Downs area, with common goals of looking after your career in BT and beyond, providing help and support independently of your line management, and as a “Defence Against The Dark Arts”, not quite a magic wand, but fully trained and experienced case handlers, with professional legal support if required should things go wrongly for you in any way. 

Not sure?  Watch this 40 second video about why Philip O’Rawe joined:

At Rio Olympics, team GB grabbed a stack of Golds – grab one for yourself, join Prospect! 

So, what is, or who are, Prospect?

Watch a 64 second video snapshot (with a pretty good soundtrack!) of Prospect work which benefits members: 

Prospect is the union for professionals, which is fully recognised by BT, its home page is .  BT staff working in North Downs buildings or homeworking in the area, are welcomed into the North Downs branch, of which I’m the chair.  Recent joiners to BT management are very warmly welcomed! 

Who joins?

A majority of staff at management grades in BT is in this union, with members benefiting from representation in all manner of career support, specialist employment advice, pay and pensions advice and collective support for that.  You can find out more here:   Note that as demographic changes filter through BT, and further acquisitions are made, the position of Prospect as the majority union could be jeopardised.  Thus, by joining, you help to secure your negotiated pay rises, pensions rights, workplace rights and other support;  if you don’t join, there is a risk that Prospect could become un-recognised, and pay and terms would be very likely to be detrimentally impacted.  Keeping together gives us a greater voice. 

Okay, but what does Prospect do, and will I be expected to go on strike?

Ten great reasons to join Prospect, 77 second video:

Prospect negotiates with BT every year for the pay and bonus package, and most other terms and conditions, on behalf of its members.  Prospect is focused on close cooperation with BT, seeking to achieve positive change through discussion and engagement, rather than aggressive industrial action.  It’s key negotiation strength comes from its membership, so please consider joining us, because then we’re all better off! 

That’s great, but what about personal help for me?

Try this 143 second video on ‘Why Good Work matters for your performance and health’: 

Prospect also includes various networks for members at different points in their career, and is available to assist members should anyone find themselves in dispute with BT.  Whilst this is rare, the support can be highly beneficial when required.  Prospect also looks to your health and safety at work. 

Alright, so, when do I get to see Prospect people?

There are regular Prospect events in the Sevenoaks building, where Jane Rodger will be available to answer any membership queries and discuss benefits, and I aim to attend when possible.   John Vallely is resident in Sevenoaks and is a branch committee member, Paul Harrison is also a committee member, Carla Banks is the branch secretary and Graham Galvin covers Canterbury.   We have a regular branch call, generally monthly, where members can also raise issues, please get along to one of the sessions and meet the team.  You can join right then just by discussing this with Jane. 

In the meantime, you can always contact us directly.

Yeah, but unions are all about politics, aren’t they?

Not this one!  The union is a collective organisation, without political affiliation, the sum of its members across BT and many other companies and industries.  

Prospect does take political issues very seriously however.  At 2016 Conference,  Prospect hosted a debate with MPs from Remain and Exit sides, and reps were invited to pose questions for the MPs to address.  The full session is long, 95 minutes, and was chaired by a BBC political presenter.  You can see the debate here:  At the 2017 conference your branch chair submitted an emergency motion regarding the impact of the problems in Italy on members.

Okay, I’m almost convinced, can I talk to someone about this?

Please feel free to contact any of us by telephone, email or we can arrange a face to face chat. 

Mark Kent – 07710 187947 – North Downs Branch Chair

Carla Banks – 07834 092474  - North Downs Branch Secretary

Paul Harrison -  +44 0779 5981318 - Committee

Graham Galvin - 01227 781487 - Canterbury

Alan Smith – 01473 640404 – Industrial Relations Committee member

Jane Rodger – 07961 017792 – Prospect Full Time Organiser

Can I wait until I’ve had a problem, and then join?

Prospect policy is to help its existing members with any issues which arise during their membership.  To qualify for such help, you need to be a member when the problem arises.  The best advice is to join now, whilst you don’t have any issues, just like you insure your property or person before you have a problem, as insurers will not cover you afterwards!

I’m convinced, but I’m very busy, can I apply online?

Yes you can! Follow this link:  You’ll need to have a few details available, but complete the forms and Prospect will take it from there.   You get to see the costs before you sign up! 

But what if  I’m already a CWU member, and they say I can remain a member?

You can, but the CWU cannot formally represent you as a manager, and will not negotiate your T&Cs, nor will it support you should you have any kind of issue with a team-member.  Best advice is to thank them for all their support, cancel the CWU membership, and join Prospect.  Please contact the branch or the helpdesk for a form to help you with this.

Kind regards,

Mark Kent - North Downs Branch Chair.

The views expressed on this site are not necessarily the views of Prospect nationally.