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Where is BT North Anglia

This branch represents BT Managers and Professionals within the old Cambridge and Norwich telephone areas  From Well Next-to Sea in the north to Harlow in the south, from Kings lynn in the west to Lowestoft in the east.

If you want to talk to someone from the branch please contact Adam Matthews
07889 995126 email   

Why should I join?

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What we do

Prospect is a trade union, and the Connect Sector represents managers and professionals in the communications industry.  But what is a trade union for?  Not everybody knows, so here is a short explanation of what a trade union does, and why it's important for you to join one.

The basics
Prospect works for its members in a variety of different ways.  Our basic role is to look after our members' interests in the workplace.  By acting together in a union, employees will have a greater say than they would by acting alone.

Recognised companies
Where an employer has formally recognised the union (for example, in companies like BT, O2 and Kingston Communications) they will consult with us before making any significant decisions that will affect employees.

In these companies we are also able to negotiate on our members' behalf to get the best deal for them.  This may be in terms of pay, pensions, conditions of employment: whatever issues we have agreed with the company to discuss.  Once again, because we represent the workforce as a whole, we are able to secure better conditions than somebody speaking to the company on their own.

A campaigning union
Prospect campaigns with employers, other unions and interest groups to secure improvements to our members' working lives.  We make our members' voices heard on a national stage, by talking to the people that make key decisions that will affect our members' lives.  For example, we know that our members want secure pensions, so we lobby government and parliament to make sure they know.

Finally, there are a range of other benefits and services available to our members, ranging from specialist legal and financial services to sickness benefit that we will pay to you if you are off work sick for a long time.  We offer accredited training to our members and are proud to hold the exacting Matrix standard, which covers everyone who is actively involved in the union's work.


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