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About London and South East Regional Branch

The Branch is one of Prospect's eight regional branches. Its members are made up of people who work in areas where the union has only a small number of members - too few to form a separate branch - and people who work independently as freelancers or consultants.

The branch also serves as a holding area for new members in areas where Prospect has not yet recruited sufficient members to form a separate branch but is in the process of doing so. As a result, our numbers fluctuate, but at present, we have over three thousand members.

The regional branches are based on postcode areas. The London and South East Branch is formed of the South-East corner of England with the western and northern boundaries formed of the western/northern edges of the SO, RG, OX, HP, LU, SG, and CM postcode areas. Our southern and eastern boundaries are set by the English Channel and the North Sea, respectively.

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