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Prospect Association of Guernsey Civil Servants (AGCS)

Welcome to the Association of Guernsey Civil Servants. The Association was formed in 1920 as a voluntary organisation to represent the interests of the Established Civil Servants of the States of Guernsey and the States of Alderney. In January 2008 the Association became a branch of Prospect.

The Association is involved with and consulted on a wide range of issues, including restructuring service areas, staff policies and the negotiation of the annual pay settlement. The AGCS is the only body recognised by the States of Guernsey to negotiate on the conditions of service on behalf of Established Staff.

There is an ongoing process of reviewing and improving conditions of service as well as implementing new procedures, for example:

  • improvements to the pension scheme
  • maternity and paternity benefits
  • recruitment and selection procedures
  • disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • improved training arrangements
  • review of the job evaluation scheme
  • counselling and appraisal provisions.

In addition, the Association will advise, defend and support its members if they have a problem at work.

The Association has also negotiated other benefits and discounts that members can takeadvantage of. Careful use of your membership card could save you the cost of your annual subscription!

  • Free ½ hour legal advice from a firm of local advocates. The advice does not have to be on a work-related matter (this service is only available after 6 months of membership).
  • Discounts from a number of local businesses, for example fitness centres, restaurants and garages etc.
  • Social events throughout the year.

Your interests require a strong AGCS, only by being a member of the AGCS can you benefit from the assistance and support the Association can offer.

An application form to join the AGCS can be download from this link.

If you require further details, please ‘phone the Prospect Guernsey office on 07911 768023 or email

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