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Remember that Prospect is actively involved in a number of training initiatives designed to improve members' career prospects. To find out more, go to the "Training and Career Development" area under "Members resources" on the main Prospect web site.

Also, as a result of the Employment Act 2002, Prospect now has in place a number of Union Learning Representatives (URLs)whose job is to promote learning in the workplace. Their brief falls into four broad categories:

· Giving support and encouragement to members seeking to review and broaden their current portfolio of skills;
· Raising the profile of training and development in the workplace by providing advice, encouragement, and information to members about a wide range of learning initiatives;
· Helping to identify needs and appropriate provision by acting as a link between members and the union about members' learning needs; and
· Working with local union committees on issues that need to be raised with management.

As mentioned above, one of our Committee Members is an accredited Prospect Union Learning Representative.
Further information about your ULR and the Library's Training and Development Officer are available on the 'Members' Only' pages of this website.