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Why Join a Union?

Ned Price is married, aged 50, and has two teenage sons. He joined The National Trust in 1987 as Gardener-in-charge at The Weir Garden. Since his time there he has seen many changes in The National Trust with many positive policies developed and the feeling that on the whole The NT has thrived.

However, this has not been true for all staff as these greater expectations have led to extra duties without regard to grades/pay and workload.

During his time with the Trust he has witnessed the same complaints, almost annually, at any large meeting of staff. Some of these have been resolved but many have not. These complaints range around subjects like 'pay and grading', 'differing workloads' and the huge variety of 'anomalies that occur from property to property and indeed region to region'.

These complaints and other issues are difficult to resolve on a one to one basis and this is why he joined the union.

Ned says: 'Joining the union offers a single voice at higher levels of management, reflecting the views of a combined number of staff. Moreover it removes the issues from a personal level to one of professional negotiation'.

He goes on to say, 'Remember, that issues raised concern all of us in our daily workplaces and home life. Any improvements gained benefit both ourselves and The National Trust. In resolving these problems and allowing us all to move forward, in partnership, to pioneer new working relationships will allow the National Trust to flourish with full staff participation and goodwill'.

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