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ODPM/Dft Branch of Prospect was established in September 2002 following the Machinery of Government changes of May 2002. It comprises eight Sections, each of which have a civil service membership. The Highways Agency and Central Sections are further divided into Sub-Sections.

Membership is available to all professional and technical staff working in these areas.


The aim of the Branch is to look after the many interests of its members from among other things negotiating on pay and conditions matters to taking up personal cases when necessary; looking after Health & Safety issues and advising on a whole range of work related topics.


The eight Sections mentioned are:-Central; (sub-sections Air Accident Investigation; Marine Accident Investigation; Centre, Government Offices and Fire Service Inspectorate); DVLA; Fire Service College; Highways Agency (Sub-sections Leeds; Bedford ,Dorking, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol,and Exeter) Association of Marine Surveyors, Planning Inspectorate, Vehicle Certification Agency and Vehicle Inspectorate Agency.

Branch members will automatically get access to the full eBranch content when the log into the  national site. This will include:· A list of contacts
· Minutes of meetings
· News letters,
· Minutes of meetings
· Who to go to with problems at work
· Pay & Conditions.

The views expressed on this site are not necessarily the views of Prospect nationally.