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Many employees find their work at QinetiQ stimulating and challenging.  They like the people they work with, and many love the opportunity to apply their talents in a highly specialised environment. Yet the importance of professional employees does not always seem to be recognised and valued by QinetiQ management. Professionals report on a range of barriers that stand in the way of performing to their full potential.

Issues such as genuine reward for performance, professional development, procedures for fair treatment, and more open communications with management, are some of the issues identified as priorities for professionals.

With effect from March 2012 the company have put the Employee Engagement Group in place of trade union recognition yet, despite company assurances to the contrary, when TUPE transfers were being made, EEG reps and the staff affected were not given access to independent legal advice.  Prospect will continue to defend the interests of a large number of employees working at QinetiQ. 

Being a member of a trade union provides a collective strength.  We need each of our members to speak to colleagues to tell them why they joined and what services they have benefitted from.

Prospect listens to members and acts on the issues important to QinetiQ professionals.

Prospect membership - What's in it for me?

Joining Prospect is a smart investment in your career. Alongside a range of benefits, membership at QinetiQ provides:

  • Individual advice and assistance on employment matters
  • Expert knowledge on industry issues

Individuals are more than capable of making decisions for themselves, but there are often times that by working together on the key issues we can achieve results that have a positive impact on your experiences within the company.

Working together

Prospect is committed to working with employees to ensure their experiences at QinetiQ are worthwhile, and that professionals are rewarded commensurate with their talents and skills.We are working hard to strengthen our voice on the important issues, and in the coming months we are planning a range of activities to engage with all employees to listen and act on their views.

How can I find out more?

Speak to your local Prospect representative or contact Kathryn Sharratt on Kathryn.Sharratt@prospect.org.uk or call Direct dial: 01932 577002

How do I join?

Joining is simple. You can join online at members.prospect.org.uk/joinus or collect a membership application form from a local representative.

(N.B. When filling in the online form select "My employer is based in none of the above industries" on the initial page)

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