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Member Testimonials


Here is a selection of feedback from our members. Comments have been anonymised.


"There is no question that without you and the rest of the Prospect reps, I would not have been able to have seen this formal complaint through. You have been my lifeline this past year and I truly don’t know what I would have done without you. It really is a difficult and lonely decision to make, to put your hand up and say you believe something is not right. I never thought I would ever find myself in a position like this and have to seek Prospect support. I take my hat off to you and all the other Prospect reps, the UKHO would be a very different place without the Union."


"Prospect was by my side, fighting my corner, defending my case from day one and every day for the 15 months it took to clear my name. Prospect provided me with guidance when I did not know what direction to take, with insight when I had lost mine and laughter when I could see only tears. I will never ever wonder why we have trade unions. If you want somebody to stand up for you at work join Prospect, they are your career insurance."


"I joined the union around 10 years ago and it wasn’t until 5 years ago that I ended up needing their advice and support during a personal case I was involved with. The situation itself was devastating for me at the time and left me with few people I felt I could trust in my management chain. I was off work already when I decided to contact Prospect and I felt so lucky to have that option instead of resigning or returning to a toxic situation.

I returned to work shortly after submitting a formal complaint, and my rep was there helping to ensure I had a safe environment to work in and was available to meet me whenever I needed to talk. Together we worked our way through the labyrinth of policies and processes and we were able to ask the wider union for advice when we were unsure of something. I credit the support I received from my union representative with giving me the strength to submit a complaint, fight my case and raise the inappropriate behaviour I experienced to senior members of the MOD. My rep helped me to draft my complaint, organise my thoughts, accompanied me to meetings, met me at the gate when I was scared to come into the office and listened to me when I needed to vent.

I am now working in a team I love, surrounded by fantastic people who want to do the best job they can and if I hadn’t made that call to Prospect I might be in a very different place today."


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