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Welcome to the Prospect HSE Branch Web Site

Prospect is a trade union representing around 105,000 professionals, managers and specialists in the public and private sector.

Within the Health and Safety Executive the Prospect HSE Branch represents:

inspectors (factory, specialist, off-shore)
photographers and
information specialists.

We represent staff in all HSE Bands and also those in the Senior Civil Service.

We have an average membership density of around 80% (in excess of 85% in the field inspectorates)and we represent staff throughout HSE's Bands and up to the most senior level in HSE. Membership of the relevant trade union has long been encouraged in HSE and Government policy is to encourage civil servants to join a trade union.

The Branch has local reps based in HSE's offices and a full-time Prospect Negotiator at Prospects Office in Rotherham. Further information is available on the ebranch system (for members)

The Branch is actively involved in making decisions on pay and conditions issues, such as performance management, pay progression and pay for specialists; some or all of which may affect you personally in future. Prospect is also active in campaigning at a national level on health and safety issues, including the resourcing of HSE. Current issues of interest are pay for specialists and the campaign for resources for HSE.

Prospect members are kept up-to-date and their views sought via regular circulars and meetings. They automatically get access to our full eBranch content when they log into the national website.

The views expressed on this site are not necessarily the views of Prospect nationally.