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This is the website for the Forestry Commission Branch of Prospect. Most of our content is restricted to members, who automatically get access to it when they log into the Prospect website.

Who is Prospect?

Prospect is a non-profit, politically independent trade union, run by members, for members. All membership subscriptions go back into supporting you at work and in your future career.

Our members work in areas as diverse as agriculture, defence, energy, environment, heritage, shipbuilding, film, theatre, telecoms and transport. They range from air traffic controllers to archaeologists, web developers to industrial chemists, directors to draughtsmen, vehicle examiners to vets. They include graduate trainees, apprentices, freelancers and short-term contractors as well as permanent staff. 

If you're not sure what a trade union is, read more about Prospect and how we work. You can also read some of the ways we've helped other members here. Or go straight to our application form if you're ready to apply.

Please note that if you work in film, theatre or broadcasting you probably need to join through our BECTU website. You can access the BECTU application form here. If you're not sure which application form to use, send us an email or phone our member contact centre between 8:30am and 7pm, Monday to Friday on 0300 600 1878.

Forestry Commission Contacts

Branch Convenor - Glenn Brearley

Tel: 0300 067 5914


Vice Convenor - Vacant 


Secretary - Tim Randle

Tel: 0300 067 5722


The views expressed on this site are not necessarily the views of Prospect nationally.