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Aberdeen Counter Proposal
28-Jul-2020 13:43

Capita Member Update
15-Jul-2020 11:24

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Leaflet/booklet: The information revolution: what does it mean for Prospect members?
info 13-Jun-2013 11:22
This document covers the issues for Prospect’s managers and professionals in communications, and the impacts within their workplaces.

News release: 'Breach of trust' over O2 jobs
info 30-May-2013 17:09
Union dismay at ‘breach of trust’ over O2 jobs

News release: Prospect hails new BT jobs announcement
info 20-Mar-2013 11:35

News release: A digital divide
info 7-Jan-2013 15:03
Broadband delivery a key driver for growth says Prospect

News release: Vodafone rides roughshod over staff
info 26-Sep-2012 11:16
Vodafone rides roughshod over staff - again

News release: Broadband report 'lost opportunity'
info 31-Jul-2012 15:33
Broadband report is a lost opportunity, says union

Agreement: FAQ's for the BTTC
info 18-Jun-2012 12:39
Question and Answer sheet for the BTTC

Attachment: Performance management 2011 survey report
info 12-Aug-2011 12:40
This is the full report of the 2011 survey conducted among BT members on the specific issue of performance management