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Leaflet/booklet: Who's looking after Scottish science?
info 13-Jun-2006 15:24
This briefing document continues Prospect's efforts to highlight the value of public sector science, and to raise awareness of funding cuts and laboratory closures. It focuses on a number of key Scottish research institutes, and was officially launched at a union lobby of the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday 14 June 2006.

Leaflet/booklet: Eligibility for research council funding
info 16-Mar-2007 15:22
In October 2006 the Office of Science and Innovation announced changes to the criteria for eligibility fo research funding. This briefing explains why Prospect believes this change threatens partnership between British scientists and could turn the clock back 20 years.

Leaflet/booklet: Charter for British science
info 28-Sep-2006 15:09
Today there is no central oversight for the health of the nation's science base. Who is looking after British science? Prospect's charter spells out what needs to be done to protect public science.

Leaflet/booklet: Impact of science funding cuts
info 12-Mar-2007 15:05
British science has taken three sucker punches since July 2006. In February 2007, £68m was taken away from the research councils - money that had been ring-fenced for science. In October 2006, far-reaching changes were announced to the eligibility criteria for research council funding. And in July 2006, all Defra's agencies and public bodies were instructed to make in-year cuts to their budgets. This briefing looks at the impact of all these cuts.

Leaflet/booklet: Transferring public sector science labs to universities
info 16-Mar-2007 15:02
At least six public sector research institutes have transferred their staff to universities since 1997. Five more are scheduled to do so by April 2008. Is this good or bad for British science?

Leaflet/booklet: Map of public sector science labs and sites
info 16-Mar-2007 14:56
This map shows the location of public sector labs and sites, with an indication as to whether they are closed or face closure; have suffered redundancies or early retirements; have or will be transferred to a university; will suffer under current funding arrangements; or whose future funding levels are uncertain.

Profile: Profile, June 2008
info 18-Jun-2008 15:04
Contents include: full reports from our 2008 national conference; science community - your chance to join exciting new SET network; Catherine Donaldson takes over as president; museums on strike

Profile: Profile, July 2008
info 23-Jul-2008 14:28
Contents include: on strike for all public service workers; joy as VOSA stays public; Scotland pay offer puts Whitehall to shame; the paper weight on science - pressures to write academic papers take their toll on early career scientists.

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