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Steady hand in stormy times
11-Dec-2019 12:41

Delivering for young workers
5-Feb-2019 10:45

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News release: Prospect nets new members across the web
info 15-Aug-2005 00:00

News release: Fair pay review must reward specialists, union urges
info 7-Sep-2010 00:00

Leaflet/booklet: Have you ever wondered why people join a trade union?
info 24-May-2016 10:00
Leaflet outlining the benefits of Prospect membership: protecting your interests at work, representing you to management, campaigning for jobs and standards, providing individual benefits and services, influencing employers and government.

Leaflet/booklet: I'm on a personal contract. Can the union protect me?
info 1-Jun-2010 09:51
Even if you're on a personal contract, you have every reason to join a union and receive advice and support on individual and collective matters. This leaflet explains what Prospect can offer.

Student handout/worksheet: ACAS Time off for trade union duties and activities Guidance document Jan 2010
info 1-Jan-2010 13:16
ACAS guidance document re time off for trade union duties and activities, including ULR's

Annual report: Prospect annual report 2008
info 22-Jul-2009 16:20
Prospect's annual report and accounts for the year ending 31 December 2008.

Template: Template for branch letterhead
info 11-Sep-2019 18:31
A Microsoft Word template containing our logo. The template can be adapted to create your own branch letterhead. Once adapted, either retain the ".dotx" extension and save the file to your Microsoft templates folder, or resave it as a Word document anywhere on your system.

Rep's guide: Rep's handbook
info 1-Apr-2017 12:28
This handbook is an introduction to the role of a Prospect representative. It provides the basic information that reps need and and how to find out more. [Updated December 2018]