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Steady hand in stormy times
11-Dec-2019 12:41

Delivering for young workers
5-Feb-2019 10:45

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Knowledge Document: Recruitment factsheet: excuses for not joining
info 7-Jun-2012 17:18
Prepare yourself with responses to some of the most common reasons people give for not joining the union.

Knowledge Document: Recruitment factsheet: communicating with members
info 7-Jun-2012 17:04
Some dos and don'ts about communicating with members, whether it's via posters, emails or newsletters.

Knowledge Document: Recruitment factsheet: campaigning locally
info 7-Jun-2012 16:56
Local campaigns make a real difference and can be run independently by your branch. This factsheet sets out a few hints and tips.

News release: New presidential team sets out its vision
info 23-May-2012 12:02
Future investment in skills and jobs is a priority for union's newly elected presidential trio

Leaflet/booklet: How does Prospect benefit me as a young professional?
info 1-Jun-2016 13:00
Prospect can support you when you're starting your professional career. We push for career development and lifelong learning; tackle discrimination and unfair treatment; campaign for work-life balance and provide advice on work-related problems

Agreement: BT/Connect Partnership Agreement
info 4-Nov-2011 16:15
In the interests of good industrial and employee relations, BT and Connect agree the following arrangements for negotiating terms and conditions for BT Group’s UK managerial and professional employees.

News release: Look before you cut, specialists warn Osborne
info 24-May-2010 00:00

News release: Union hails new link in UK nuclear supply chain
info 17-Mar-2010 00:00