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News release: TUPE success
info 11-Jun-2012 12:35
Prospect success over breach of staff transfer terms

News release: Conference support for QinetiQ staff
info 25-May-2012 12:06
Prospect says de-recognition at QinetiQ is attack on core values

News release: Dundee workers strike day announced
info 20-Apr-2012 16:43
ACAS called in as strike day at Dundee airport is announced

News release: Dundee workers vote for industrial action
info 16-Apr-2012 16:40
Airport workers vote to strike over pay harmonisation

News release: Prospect elects new general secretary
info 27-Mar-2012 14:51
Prospect ushers in a new era with new general secretary

News release: QinetiQ EDM garners support
info 9-Mar-2012 15:58
Prospect urges support for early day motion over QinetiQ union ban

News release: Prospect’s vision of the future
info 8-Mar-2012 14:44
Union urges professional vision for civil service reform

News release: Improved offer to Audit staff ends industrial action
info 1-Mar-2012 11:31
Improved offer to Audit staff ends industrial action