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A safety rep for all seasons
24-Feb-2020 15:35

Is your PPE fit for purpose?
6-Dec-2019 09:21


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Submission: Prospect response to Islands Impact Assessment on HIAL remote access project
info 28-Oct-2020 10:42
Prospect trade union response to the Islands Impact Assessment on Highlands and Islands Airports remote towers ATC project

Submission: A report for Prospect on the procurement of a new Air Traffic Management System for Highlands and Islands Airports
info 28-Oct-2020 10:27
Report commissioned by Prospect on the procurement of a remote towers air traffic management system for Highlands and Islands Airports

Presentation: Homeworking and wellbeing presentation
info 23-Sep-2020 13:54
Homeworking and wellbeing presentation

Briefing: Managing disparities in risk: The role of ethnicity in COVID-19 health and safety
info 2-Jul-2020 11:48
Health and safety briefing on identifying workplace risks due to COVID-19, clarifying whether there is an increased risk for BAME workers and mitigating these risks.

Letter: Mike Clancy to Boris Johnson HSE 31st May 2020
info 1-Jun-2020 14:49
Prospect has written to the PM regarding his promise of spot-inspections made in May. Although HSE inspectors continue to attend serious incidents such as workplace deaths, alerts to an ongoing risk of serious personal injury and instances where reported safe-distancing concerns are not addressed through a remote inspection it is clear that spot-inspections of the type suggested by the PM are not happening. In our letter we highlight decade long funding cuts and their impact on what HSE is able to do in normal circumstances never mind in the midst of a national pandemic.

Poster: COVID-19 Safer Working Practices: Guidance for Members
info 28-May-2020 15:06
General guidance for all members on how to work safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leaflet/booklet: Safer working practices, guidance for members
info 21-May-2020 16:33
Leaflet to be used by members in workplaces during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leaflet/booklet: Energy supply industry - Returning to workplaces during the COVID-19 pandemic
info 21-May-2020 16:23
Leaflet for use on site to encourage safe working practices.