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Employment law update: Ethical Veganism is a protected belief
info 6-Jan-2020 11:46
An Employment Tribunal has held that a claimant who had an ethical belief in veganism was protected under the Equality Act.

Employment law update: Changes to employment law - April 2020
info 6-Jan-2020 11:07
Several legislative changes arising from the Taylor Review of Modern Workplace Practices and the Government’s Good Work Plan are due to come into force on 6 April 2020. This update sets out a brief summary of the changes, namely: • Extending the holiday pay reference period • Requiring employers/engagers to provide a statement of rights to all employees and workers on day 1 • Requiring agency workers to be provided with “key facts information” • Abolishing “the Swedish derogation” • Reducing the threshold for triggering negotiations under the Information and Consultation Regulations

Employment law update: Harassment by massage
info 3-Dec-2019 15:11
Recent judgment on discrimination

Employment law update: Tribunal Compensation Award Statistics 2018-2019
info 28-Nov-2019 17:02
This update gives details of the compensation received in unfair dismissal and discrimination cases in 2018-2019.

Employment law update: 'Workers' are covered by TUPE
info 28-Nov-2019 16:17
An employment tribunal has held that the rights under TUPE apply to the broader category of worker, rather than just employees.

Employment law update: Holiday pay and Sickness
info 21-Nov-2019 11:02
The European Court has confirmed that holiday entitlement, which is in excess of the four weeks provided for in the working time directive, does not have to be carried forward when an employee is off sick. This update reports that case and is a reminder of the principles that apply to holiday pay and sickness.

Leaflet/booklet: Union week - a year with Prospect Legal
info 8-Nov-2019 10:04
Flyer setting out some of the legal successes for Prospect & BECTU members since last year’s union week.

Employment law update: The cost of advising on settlement agreements
info 7-Nov-2019 09:53
The question of whether £500+VAT is an appropriate sum for an employee to take full advice on settling their claim was addressed recently following a legal judgment.