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Employment law update: Grievance and Disciplinaries during Covid
info 13-May-2020 11:42
ACAS has issued guidance on grievances and disciplinaries during the COVID-19 pandemic

Employment law update: Employment law update - increase in compensation for injury to feelings
info 27-Mar-2020 12:59
The level of compensation for injury to feelings in Equality Act claims has been increased. The Presidents of the Employment Tribunals (England, Wales & Scotland) have updated the Vento compensation bands for injury to feelings.

Employment law update: Annual Revision of Compensation Limits
info 4-Mar-2020 11:41
Annual Revision of Compensation from 6 April 2020

Employment law update: Ethical Veganism is a protected belief
info 6-Jan-2020 11:46
An Employment Tribunal has held that a claimant who had an ethical belief in veganism was protected under the Equality Act.

Employment law update: Changes to employment law - April 2020
info 6-Jan-2020 11:07
Several legislative changes arising from the Taylor Review of Modern Workplace Practices and the Government’s Good Work Plan are due to come into force on 6 April 2020. This update sets out a brief summary of the changes, namely: • Extending the holiday pay reference period • Requiring employers/engagers to provide a statement of rights to all employees and workers on day 1 • Requiring agency workers to be provided with “key facts information” • Abolishing “the Swedish derogation” • Reducing the threshold for triggering negotiations under the Information and Consultation Regulations

Employment law update: Harassment by massage
info 3-Dec-2019 15:11
Recent judgment on discrimination

Employment law update: Tribunal Compensation Award Statistics 2018-2019
info 28-Nov-2019 17:02
This update gives details of the compensation received in unfair dismissal and discrimination cases in 2018-2019.

Employment law update: 'Workers' are covered by TUPE
info 28-Nov-2019 16:17
An employment tribunal has held that the rights under TUPE apply to the broader category of worker, rather than just employees.