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News release: Specialists warning on local pay
info 19-Mar-2012 15:48
Local pay will cause haemorrhage of specialists

News release: 78% skills exodus ‘is dumbing down government’
info 14-Mar-2012 12:10

News release: Final pensions offer from government
info 9-Mar-2012 14:42
civil service union to put final pension offer to members

News release: Prospect’s vision of the future
info 8-Mar-2012 14:44
Union urges professional vision for civil service reform

News release: Improved offer to Audit staff ends industrial action
info 1-Mar-2012 11:31
Improved offer to Audit staff ends industrial action

News release: Plea to MPs on FSS
info 24-Feb-2012 15:40
Plea to MPs: 'Last chance to defend Forensic Science Service'

News release: Work with unions on stress
info 21-Feb-2012 12:05
Employers must work with unions to counter stress

News release: Public sector bonus letter smokescreen for hypocrisy
info 13-Feb-2012 11:47