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Ageism is just so old hat
25-Feb-2020 09:34

Time to look after the carers
24-Feb-2020 16:17

Is your PPE fit for purpose?
6-Dec-2019 09:21

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NASA spacewalk stumble
28 March 2019 11:08 Sue Ferns


Briefing: Good practice guidance on worklife balance policies
info 26-Nov-2013 16:30
A briefings for negotiators and representatives on the alternative working patterns available which contribute to good worklife balance policies, including good practice checklists and examples of where the policies work well.

Briefing: Disability discrimination and appraisal and performance systems
info 17-Sep-2013 14:18
This briefing builds on the guidance in our Negotiator's Guide to Disability Equality and gives more detailed advice on disability discrimination and reasonable adjustments

News release: Ministers must listen on nursery ratios
info 22-Mar-2013 12:41
Union says ministers must listen on nursery ratios

Briefing: Pre-employment health questions
info 8-Feb-2013 14:53
The Equality Act 2010 introduced a new provision whereby employers may not ask applicants for employment about their health or any disability before selecting them to interview or offering a job. This briefing highlights EHRC research and guidance produced for employers and also for job applicants.

News release: Divided equality judgement disappoints
info 12-Dec-2012 15:28
Divided judgement on equality case disappoints union

Employment law update: Age discrimination – disadvantage and justification
info 25-Apr-2012 12:51
The Supreme Court has today issued judgment on two long-running cases on age discrimination for older workers. The judgements are extremely significant as they clarify the tests for indirect discrimination and justification.

Briefing: Update on statutory codes of practice on the Public Sector Equality Duty
info 22-Mar-2012 13:49
In March 2012 the Equality & Human Rights Commission announced that it is no longer able to proceed with plans for further statutory codes of practice on the Public Sector Equality Duty.

Poster: Equality Poster: International Women's Day, 8 March
info 27-Feb-2013 11:30
Equality poster adapted for International Women's Day, which is held on 8 March every year. This poster can be re-used annually.