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National newsletter: EnergyEye, August 2015
info 4-Aug-2015 11:58
The contents includes: ESI sector conference motions covering network investment; sucession planning for branches; and pay benchmarking. Prospect Extra (p 1) CMA report busts myths. Guarantees sought over waste funding (p 2) Strike thresholds will affect energy workers. Prospect tells Ofgem stop interfering (p 3) Garry Graham opens conference. Revolving door recruitment. Job evaluation ignores key skills (pages 4-5) Investment in new capacity critical. Longannet key to Scotland’s energy security. Single industry body to be explored. Backing for coal-fired plant (page 6) Concerns over rising stress. Mr Frostbite. Retraining plan backed (page 7) Turbulent times ahead, warns health and safety officer. What happens when warnings are ignored (page 8)

News release: HPC a step closer
info 31-Jul-2015 11:34
Hinkley Point C construction moves a step closer – but wider skills challenge remains

News release: Act or risk blackouts
info 15-Jul-2015 11:27
Act now to keep the lights on, warns Prospect

News release: NuGen deal is welcome
info 14-Jul-2015 12:18
NuGen deal a welcome step says Prospect

News release: Closures delayed at two power stations
info 3-Jun-2015 16:54
Two Lincolnshire power stations secure a 10-month reprieve

News release: MOre
info 21-May-2015 17:01
Prospect seeks assurances over Magnox job cuts

News release: Prospect condemns Longannet announcement
info 23-Mar-2015 14:16
Longannet decision means lost jobs and lost capacity, Prospect warns

News release: Thousands of energy jobs at stake over Longannet future
info 16-Mar-2015 11:34
Thousands of energy jobs at stake over Longannet future, shadow minister to be told

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