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News release: THORP announcement a disappointment
info 7-Jun-2012 14:27
NDA plans to close Thorp are disappointing say Prospect

News release: Backing for Serco Services sale
info 22-May-2012 13:13
Prospect welcomes proposed sale of Serco Services to Amec

News release: Energy Bill lacks detail
info 21-May-2012 13:02
Energy Bill still fails to join the dots, says Prospect

News release: Prospect welcomes CCS boost
info 3-Apr-2012 13:18
Prospect welcomes CCS boost for jobs and skills

News release: Call for action after Horizon bail out
info 29-Mar-2012 11:41
Prospect calls for action as RWE and E.On halt UK nuclear plans

News release: Prospect elects new general secretary
info 27-Mar-2012 14:51
Prospect ushers in a new era with new general secretary

News release: Unions back dual approach for nuclear
info 22-Mar-2012 12:58
MPs and energy unions back dual design approach for UK nuclear new build

News release: Shotton closure a blow
info 20-Mar-2012 14:03
Prospect: Shotton plant closure is a blow

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