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Knowledge Document: Autumn 2012 ENA SHE managers review of past asset related incidents
info 4-Dec-2012 17:11
A special edition of the SHE Review to support the Powering Improvement initiative and particularly the theme of safety related to assets. Assets being plant, equipment, cables, lines, poles and towers that make up our networks. The focus of this review is on past incidents and the lessons that can be learnt from them.

News release: Nuclear union hails EDF Energy extensions
info 4-Dec-2012 14:50
Nuclear union hails EDF Energy 7-year extensions

News release: Debate on Cumbrian geological disposal facility is flawed and needs more balanced investigation
info 3-Dec-2012 10:43

News release: Energy Bill for a low-carbon future
info 29-Nov-2012 13:59
Energy Bill – Big steps to a low-carbon future

News release: Energy bill paves way for investment in jobs
info 23-Nov-2012 14:25
Energy bill paves way for investment in jobs, says Prospect

News release: Sizewell C consultation
info 21-Nov-2012 12:36
Nuclear union welcomes Sizewell C plans

News release: Union welcomes new entrant to the UK nuclear industry
info 30-Oct-2012 10:34

News release: Act now on energy
info 8-Oct-2012 13:34
Act now on energy policy or lose out

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