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News release: Energy debate is due
info 29-Nov-2013 16:03
Prospect: Energy debate welcome but overdue

News release: Seminar to explore Plutonium benefits
info 20-Nov-2013 16:35
Plutonium as an asset – the benefits and barriers

News release: Prospect welcomes strike price agreement
info 21-Oct-2013 10:50

News release: Sellafield decision welcome
info 4-Oct-2013 13:00
Prospect: Sellafield decision is common sense

News release: Nuclear union welcomes new policy stance
info 16-Sep-2013 11:56

News release: Prospect backs waste study
info 12-Sep-2013 15:53
Nuclear union welcomes new waste store study

News release: Support for new nuclear vital
info 27-Jun-2013 13:26
Support for new nuclear is vital to lights staying on

News release: Hinkley cuts a risk to new nuclear
info 23-Apr-2013 15:01
Hinkley C cuts could slow new nuclear dream

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