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Employment law update: Whistleblowing cases update
info 10-Jun-2016 10:54
Whistleblowers play an essential role in exposing corruption, fraud and malpractice and in preventing disasters resulting from negligence or wrongdoing by corporations and public bodies. To blow the whistle requires substantial moral courage.

Employment law update: The right to be accompanied to disciplinary and grievance hearings
info 17-May-2016 13:00
Under Section 10 of the Employment Act 1999, in circumstances where a worker or employee is invited or required to attend a disciplinary or grievance hearing, he/she is entitled to be accompanied at that meeting by a colleague or trade union representative.

Article: Working for You
info 1-Oct-2016 00:01
Working for You is the final report of the 2016 workers rights survey in combination with comments from our Workers' Rights Advocates (WRA). This document is a key part of the Prospect at Work Campaign

Employment law update: Sickness absence procedures are contractual
info 20-Apr-2016 10:46
The Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal by the Secretary of State for Transport against a High Court ruling in February 2015 that the Department for Transport and its agencies cannot impose unilateral changes to sickness absence procedures without the agreement of the recognised trade unions. The staff handbook expressly requires agreement from the unions to any detrimental changes.

National newsletter: Legal Eye - Issue 9 - April 2016
info 15-Apr-2016 11:48
Legal Eye - Issue 9 - April 2016

Article: State of Employment Rights 2016
info 24-Feb-2016 09:06
In the last four years the Government has attacked workers rights, reducing much of the statutory protection. This update summaries the changes.

Employment law update: State of employment rights in 2016
info 24-Feb-2016 08:55
In the last four years the government has made it much easier and cheaper for employers to sack workers. The introduction of fees in employment tribunals will mean that many workers will be denied access to justice. This update provides a summary of the main changes to employment law since 2012.

Employment law update: Holiday pay should include commission which a worker would normally be paid
info 23-Feb-2016 13:03
The Employment Appeal Tribunal has confirmed that holiday pay should include commission which a worker would normally be paid.