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Employment law update: Whistleblowers have protection when researching how to make a disclosure
info 28-Aug-2019 10:49
The Employment Tribunal has held that an employee who researches how to blow the whistle can rely on the same legal protection from detriment or dismissal as actual whistleblowers.

Employment law update: Disability discrimination and job applications
info 2-Aug-2019 08:47
The Court of Appeal in Belfast has dismissed an appeal by BT Plc against a finding that it discriminated against a job applicant with disabilities. The court upheld the £18,000+ award made to M by the industrial tribunal.

Employment law update: Age discrimination
info 1-Aug-2019 14:28
This update focuses on recent cases brought under The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 which make it unlawful for employers to discriminate on grounds of age at any stage during the employment process.

Employment law update: Equal pay and showing a particular disadvantage
info 19-Jul-2019 08:04
The court of appeal held a difference of around 2% between women and men in the pay band in HMRC did not demonstrate that there was a particular disadvantage to women, despite the fact that the women were disproportionately clustered in the lower part of the band.

Employment law update: Woman who called colleague a ‘knob head’ in work emails was unfairly dismissed
info 5-Jul-2019 15:33
The Employment Appeal Tribunal has upheld that an employee who was dismissed after she called one of her colleagues a ‘knob head’ on her workplace email was unfairly dismissed. The case importantly highlights the importance of procedure in dismissal cases.

Employment law update: Inducement to cease collective bargaining
info 1-Jul-2019 10:08
The Court of Appeal has overturned earlier judgments that an employer was acting unlawfully by making offers direct to workers when pay negotiations stalled. The case provides guidance on the scope for employers to make inducements to workers to circumvent collective bargaining.

Employment law update: Calculation of holiday pay – includes regular voluntary overtime
info 11-Jun-2019 15:30
The Court of Appeal has confirmed that pay for voluntary overtime, which is regular and settled, must be included in the calculation of a week’s pay for holiday.

Employment law update: Shared parental leave, case update
info 10-Jun-2019 12:34
The Court of Appeal has ruled that paying male employees taking Shared Parental Leave less than female colleagues taking maternity leave does not amount to direct or indirect discrimination. Although the decision is disappointing, negotiators should still press for employers to equalise SPL terms.