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Employment law update: Supreme Court find Uber drivers are workers
info 19-Feb-2021 11:16
The Supreme Court has given judgment today in the eagerly awaited Uber case, and have upheld the earlier decisions that the Uber drivers are workers with statutory rights. In a very welcome judgment, the Court has applied a practical and purposive approach to determining employment status.

Employment law update: Civil Service Compensation Scheme & age discrimination
info 22-Dec-2020 10:16
We have received several queries about age discrimination issues in the civil service compensation scheme (CSCS) payments for severance. This update looks at the potential for tribunal claims. A similar article for sharing with members is going on the Prospect web site.

Employment law update: Changes to Early Conciliation and Employment Tribunal rules
info 1-Dec-2020 16:20
From today the period of early conciliation is extended to six weeks in all cases. This update also looks at a range of other recent changes to Employment Tribunal rules.

Employment law briefing: Early Conciliation
info 1-Dec-2020 13:15
It is mandatory for claimants to apply for early conciliation with ACAS, before making a claim to the Employment Tribunal. Changes to the EC rules from 1 December 2020 have extended the period of EC to six weeks (from the previous one month plus a possible two week extension). From 1 December 2021, changes to rules for early conciliation will allow more than one respondent name to be included on a single early conciliation notification form. This update summarises the rules, the impact on making tribunal claims, and some practical tips for Prospect officers.

Employment law update: Preparing the employment Tribunal Claim Form [ET1]
info 9-Sep-2020 14:21
In the case of C v D [UKEAT/0132/19 RN ] the Employment Appeal Tribunal sets out what is required from the Claimant and Respondent when preparing the claim form and particulars of claim and the response to avoid a “narrative” style for ET1’s and ET3’s.

Employment law update: TUPE: Who inherits the Employees where there are multiple transferees?
info 9-Sep-2020 09:57
The ECJ has held that in TUPE transfer situations involving multiple transferees, the transferee employer inheriting the largest share of an employee’s work may not be obligated to adopt the employee’s contract.

Employment law briefing: Return to work & working during Covid19 Q&As
info 31-Jul-2020 08:21
This briefing looks at questions and answers on employment law arising on the return to work and working during the pandemic. It covers; rights to refuse to work if it is unsafe, whistle blowing, redundancy, insolvency, lay off and short time working, homeworking, carrying forward leave and employment status.

Employment law update: Grievance and Disciplinaries during Covid
info 13-May-2020 11:42
ACAS has issued guidance on grievances and disciplinaries during the COVID-19 pandemic