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Employment law briefing: Zero hours contracts
info 21-May-2014 08:34
Briefing on zero hours contracts – what they are, how we are challenging them and a report of a successful legal case.

National newsletter: Legal Eye - Issue 1
info 3-Apr-2014 11:46
Legal Eye - Issue 1 - April 2014

Employment law briefing: Early conciliation
info 19-Jan-2015 09:44
From 6 May 2014 it has mandatory for claimants to apply for early conciliation with ACAS, before making a claim to the Employment Tribunal. This update summarises the rules, the impact on making tribunal claims and provides some practical tips for Prospect officers.

Members' guide: Whistleblowing
info 21-Jun-2021 10:05
Whistleblowers play an essential role in exposing corruption, fraud and malpractice and in preventing disasters resulting from negligence or wrongdoing. This guide includes information on: qualifying and protected disclosures; legal advice and workplace policies

Employment law briefing: Unfair dismissal and discrimination cases – compensation and remedies
info 2-Mar-2017 09:39
This briefing sets out the basic principles for calculating compensation in claims of unfair dismissal and discrimination cases. It is only a summary of the main provisions and does not seek to cover all circumstances.

News release: 'Breach of trust' over O2 jobs
info 30-May-2013 17:09
Union dismay at ‘breach of trust’ over O2 jobs

News release: Work injury decision a charter for rogue employers
info 17-Apr-2013 14:56

Employment law update: Voluntary redundancy – unlawful to exclude people on career breaks
info 28-Mar-2013 09:47
In an interesting judgment this month, the Employment Appeal Tribunal ruled that to exclude people on career breaks from a voluntary redundancy exercise was unlawful under the Equality Act. Furthermore the remedy was to award the Claimant the full amount of redundancy pay, without offsetting her on-going earnings.