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Submission: Tackling intimidation of non-striking workers
info 1-Sep-2015 11:20
Prospect believes there is absolutely no need to create further restrictions on picketing or protests. We do not consider there is any evidence for the need for tougher enforcement provisions. The examples given in the consultation paper of intimidating behaviour are extremely rare and the existing provisions are more than strong enough to deal with any exceptional and isolated incidents.

Submission: Ballot thresholds in important public services
info 1-Sep-2015 11:15
Prospect is opposed to the introduction of balloting thresholds in important public services. We believe the new rules are unnecessary. We believe the right to strike is a fundamental human right, and this is safeguarded by international law, including the International Labour Organisation conventions, the European Social Charter, and the European Convention of Human Rights. The government's proposal to introduce additional stringent thresholds for industrial action in public services is undermining the right to strike and likely to be in breach of our international obligations.

Submission: Hiring agency staff during strike action: reforming regulation
info 28-Aug-2015 11:09
Prospect is strongly opposed to the proposal to repeal Regulation 7 of the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003, which currently ban the use of agency workers to cover the jobs of striking workers.

Submission: Closing the Gender Pay Gap
info 1-Sep-2015 15:48
Prospect believes that issues affecting women in the workplace need to be re-prioritised and that this process needs to include a thorough overhaul of procedures in relation to pay equality. A present lack of incentive on employers to publish pay-related data needs to be addressed with a view to establishing accountability and engagement.

Employment law update: Dismissal and protected disclosures
info 11-Aug-2015 08:29
The Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled that an employee who contacted the Information Commissioner’s Office without employer approval was fairly dismissed

Employment law update: Holiday pay may include voluntary overtime, says Northern Ireland Court of Appeal
info 10-Aug-2015 13:11
A recent Northern Ireland Court of Appeal (NICA) decision has held that voluntary overtime can, in principle, be included for the purposes of calculating holiday pay

Employment law briefing: Tackling inequality in performance management
info 2-Jun-2015 10:01
Many Prospect members are facing unfair and often discriminatory performance management systems. This briefing looks at challenging these under the Equality Act.

Employment law update: Whistleblowing claims: the meaning of 'public interest'
info 20-May-2015 10:13
The Employment Appeal Tribunal has delivered its first appellate decision on the meaning of 'public interest' in relation to whistleblowing claims.