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National newsletter: Legal Eye - Issue 8 - February 2016
info 11-Feb-2016 08:47
Legal Eye - Issue 8 - February 2016

Employment law briefing: The Trade Union Act 2016
info 26-Sep-2017 11:23
The Trade Union Act kicked in with force from 1 March 2017. But the new Trade Union (Wales) Act 2017 will dis-apply some of the provisions for many public sector workers in Wales.

National newsletter: Legal Eye - Prospect at Work Campaign Special - January 2016
info 7-Jan-2016 08:54
A special issue of LegalEye covering the activities of the 2016 "Prospect at Work" campaign

National newsletter: Legal Eye - Issue 7 - December 2015
info 4-Dec-2015 13:06
Legal Eye - Issue 7 - December 2015

Employment law update: Zero hours contracts: government guidance for employers
info 20-Nov-2015 10:04
The Department for Business Innovation and Skills [BIS] has published guidance to employers on the use of zero hours contracts and the ban on exclusivity clauses.

Employment law update: Successful caste discrimination claim under Equality Act 2010
info 6-Nov-2015 11:17
The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ruled that caste discrimination, which is not expressly prohibited under the Equality Act 2010, could be unlawful discrimination – but only where caste is part of a protected characteristic, such as ethnic origin.

Employment law update: Trade Union Bill to prohibit check off in the public sector
info 26-Oct-2015 15:45
The government has introduced an amendment to the Trade Union Bill which will end check off in the public sector. Check off is where workers request that the employer deducts union subscriptions from salary in order to pass it on to the trade union.

National newsletter: Legal Eye - Legal Scheme Special
info 30-Sep-2015 16:21
LegalEye newsletter outlining the new arrangements for legal advice in Prospect from 1 October 2015