Topic: Harmonised staff policies & procedures

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Attachment: Speak Up Policy
info 2-Jan-2014 11:03
Speak Up Policy

Attachment: Open Door Policy
info 2-Jan-2014 11:00
Open Door Policy

Attachment: Managing Poor Performance Flowchart
info 2-Jan-2014 10:55
Managing Poor Performance Flowchart

Attachment: Internet and Email Use
info 2-Jan-2014 10:52
Internet and Email Use - Dos and Don'ts

Attachment: Group Business Travel Policy
info 2-Jan-2014 10:50
Group Business Travel Policy

Attachment: Equality and Diversity Policy
info 2-Jan-2014 10:48
Equality and Diversity Policy

Attachment: Disciplinary Procedure flowchart
info 2-Jan-2014 10:40
Disciplinary Procedure flowchart

Attachment: Capita Car Policy 2012
info 2-Jan-2014 10:33
Capita Car Policy 2012