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Employment law update: 'Workers' are covered by TUPE
info 28-Nov-2019 16:17
An employment tribunal has held that the rights under TUPE apply to the broader category of worker, rather than just employees.

Employment law update: Annual revision of compensation limits
info 5-Apr-2019 08:38
Annual order for revising employment tribunal compensation awards. The new amounts apply to all cases where the dismissal (or event giving rise to the claim) occurs on or after 6 April 2019.

Factcard: Your legal rights at work in Northern Ireland 2019-20
info 23-Jul-2018 15:29
This factcard outlines your rights at work in Nothern Ireland as of 1 January 2019. It only covers the minimum legal requirements – in most cases your contract of employment will offer better terms, so the rights in your contract will apply.

Employment law update: Failure to apply 'fair and open competition' makes employment contract unlawful
info 21-Apr-2017 13:39
The Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled that five Prospect members taken on by the Prison Service without going through fair and open competition did not have legal contracts of employment.

National newsletter: Legal Eye - Issue 8 - February 2016
info 11-Feb-2016 08:47
Legal Eye - Issue 8 - February 2016

National newsletter: Legal Eye - Issue 7 - December 2015
info 4-Dec-2015 13:06
Legal Eye - Issue 7 - December 2015

Attachment: Classic Properties - Prospect reponse
info 4-Nov-2015 11:41
Prospect's response to the LSE Classic Properties consultation document

Attachment: Bury St Edmonds portfolio - Prospect response
info 4-Nov-2015 11:41
Prospect's response to the Bury St Edmonds staff consultation document