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News release: Shock at leaked plans to hive off States Service
info 26-Aug-2011 00:00

News release: Forensic rethink vital or justice will be in peril: Prospect
info 1-Jul-2011 00:00

News release: MPs back union's claim over audit staff and savings
info 7-Jul-2011 00:00

News release: Union warns that Coulport sell-off threatens safety
info 30-Jun-2011 00:00

News release: Prospect to present case against air traffic sell-off
info 8-Jun-2011 00:00

News release: Last chance to save Forensic Science Service, MP warns
info 16-May-2011 00:00

News release: Privatisation of archaeology service will damage museum
info 18-May-2011 00:00

News release: Union warns against air traffic control sell-off
info 18-Mar-2011 00:00