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Profile: Profile, October 2007
info 1-Oct-2007 00:00
Contents include: 2% pay policy will not work, Prospect warns Chancellor; crunch time near for MOD specialists; Prospect wins redundancy U-turn from energy giant

Profile: Profile, June 2007
info 1-Jun-2007 00:00
Contents include: civil service pensions ballot 2007 - to safeguard your future vote yes; fury at job cuts for clean-up staff; civil service sector conference and energy supply industry sector conference - full reports.

Profile: Profile, May 2007
info 1-May-2007 00:00
Contents include: what makes 30 aspiring air traffic controllers join the union before they even start work? June pensions ballot will cement civil service deal; Prospect personal injury awards for members reach all-time high

Profile: Profile, March 2007
info 1-Mar-2007 00:00
Contents include: frontline campaigners seek payback time for specialists; Prospect puts specialist agenda at heart of 2007 pay campaign; ballot to cement landmark deal on pensions; science - what they don't say

Profile: Profile, February 2007
info 1-Feb-2007 00:00
Contents include: unions unite against attacks on public servants; 700,000 to benefit from pensions deal; referees score with Prospect; new Prospect HQ is on the map

Profile: Profile, September 2006
info 1-Sep-2006 00:00
Contents include: who's looking after British science? (certainly not the government, says Prospect); discontent mounts at civil service pay logjam; danger - HSE job cuts are threat to workers' health; Prospect slams lack of leadership on BNG sale; defence members vote on work to rule

Profile: Profile, July 2006
info 1-Jul-2006 00:00
Contents include: crunch time for pay; energy policy is right - now make it work; honour your pledges, Prospect tells airlines; put public service before private profit

Profile: Profile, October 2005
info 1-Oct-2005 00:00
Contents include: three million public servants have won their battle to retain their pension entitlements; Prospect leaders line up to fight for jobs and pensions of 6,000 BNFL members; union reps - Prospect's unsung heroes