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Profile: Profile, August 2010
info 10-Aug-2010 13:00
Contents include: Employers announce first jobs to go because of coalition’s cutbacks (p5); New business secretary pledges to spare union learning from spending cuts (p7); Prospect has the evidence on specialist pay – but will government listen? (p12); Don’t blame HSE for litigation culture, Prospect tells Young review (p14); Public service pensions are affordable and sustainable, says Prospect evidence to Hutton review (p16); Why public sector cuts are bad news for jobs in the private sector (p19); How the civil service could teach employment tribunals a thing or two (p23)

Knowledge Document: Coalition cuts announced so far
info 22-Jul-2010 18:31
A brief outline of departmental cuts announced during June and July 2010

Profile: Profile, April 2010
info 30-Mar-2010 18:05
Contents include: in the run-up to a general election, Prospect puts the 3 main political parties on the spot (p15-19); Prospect wins £4m for sick and injured members in 2009 (p3); vote in our NEC elections (p3); findings from this year's members' survey (p5); unanimous backing for civil service redundancy deal (p4); government pledges to protect science (p7)

Profile: Profile, February 2010
info 10-Feb-2010 13:28
Contents include: Prospect's 15-year vision becomes a reality as Prestwick air traffic control centre opens; five unions back landmark public sector redundancy deal; shadow over science - investing in the future; members' survey runs until 19 February;

Profile: Profile, September 2009
info 15-Sep-2009 10:33
Contents include: Stand up for your rights on redundancy terms in the Civil Service (p3); Electricity pensions – Ofgem told to back off (p3); Air engineers at the ALAE vote to join Prospect (p4); Pensions and new recruits are union's focus at TUC (p4); Stress levels soar in energy networks (p4); Prospect warns on future MOD civilian workforce cuts (p5); Union attacks Shadow Defence Secretary's untruths on MOD civil servants (p5); MPs back call to stop VOSA test centre closures (p6); Redundancy and early retirement unfairness in the Civil Service (p16); Pension benefits Pt 1 (19); Clinical negligence (p22); Dangers of aniline ink (p25); Prospect who's who negotiating pitch chart (p26-27)

Knowledge Document: Comparison of proposed civil service redundancy terms with existing severance arrangements
info 6-Aug-2009 18:38
Speadsheets providing illustrations of the possible changes in severance payments under the revised compensation terms published in the "Making Government Work Better" document published by the Cabinet Office on 4 December 2009.

Profile: Profile, June 2009
info 16-Jun-2009 11:50
Contents include: The fight against crime just lost 800 experts: sell-off fears behind forensic cuts (p3); Jersey civil servants join Prospect (p3); union reps are 'vital resource for business' says government, TUC & CBI (p4); 11th hour offer averts QinetiQ action (p5); Prospect urges shake-up of electricity regulation (p7); conference reports: MOD group (p10), civil service sector (p16-18, 23), health % safety reps (p11); Prospect/Oxfam project: supporting schools breakthrough in Kenya (p19).

Annual report: Civil service sector annual report 2006-07
info 9-May-2007 18:19
Annual report covering the work of Prospect's civil service sector from May 2006 - April 2007