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Pension equality?
05 June 2019 09:20 Neil Walsh


Presentation: Collective Defined Contribution Pensions presentation by Alan Smith 14 January 2019
info 17-Jan-2019 08:31
Collective Defined Contribution Pensions presentation by Alan Smith on 14 January 2019

Submission: Delivering CDC Pension Schemes - Prospect submission - January 2019
info 16-Jan-2019 16:38
Prospect submission to the DWP consultation on delivering Collective Defined Contribution pension schemes (January 2019).

Letter: Letter to Treasury Committee re ministerial statement on public sector pension valuations
info 12-Sep-2018 10:23
Letter from DGS to Chair of Treasury Committee requesting the committee question Treasury ministers and officials about the potential impact of changes to the discount rate used in public sector pension valuations on public spending.

Leaflet/booklet: Tackling the gender pension gap
info 23-Aug-2018 11:22
New research from Prospect shows that the gender pension gap is even bigger than the gender pay gap. This report brings together our estimate of the size of the gap as well as other sources of data on its size and causes.

Letter: Letter re Isle of Man public sector pensions legacy funding gap
info 20-Aug-2018 15:51
Letter to Minister for Policy Reform re options for addressing the legacy funding gap for Isle of Man public sector pensions.

Submission: Consultation on nuclear pension reform
info 2-Jul-2018 16:57
Final draft of Prospect response to BEIS consultation on implementation of NDA pension reforms (July 2018).

Submission: NDA pension reform – draft submission to BEIS consultation
info 22-Jun-2018 10:26
Draft submission to BEIS consultation on NDA pension reform, June 2018

Letter: Letter to FST re low earners in net pay scheme
info 14-Mar-2018 16:51
Letter to Financial Secretary to the Treasury about the issue of pension tax relief for low earners in net pay schemes.